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Irish Mountain Biking

Personal Project. 

When I was living in Wanaka, New Zealand, I was introduced to mountain biking and was instantly hooked. Not only could I take in the beautiful scenery and open spaces in the mountains, I could do it while hurtling down the hill at speeds that were (almost) out of my control!

Moving home from New Zealand, I missed the big mountains and vistas that I had taken for granted.

I needed something to reinvigorate my desire to shoot and ride my bike at home in Ireland. I had this preconceived idea of mountain biking in Ireland, of boring trails and small mountains, that wouldn't compare to what I had grown used to in New Zealand. However when I got involved with the mountain biking scene here in Ireland I realized I was very, very wrong.

To shoot this I have teamed up with some of the best riders in the country who were kind enough to put their skills on camera. Working with skilled athletes makes my job that much easier.

This is an ongoing series that I will be adding to over the course of the year. The aim is to cover as many areas of Ireland as possible and get more Irish people on their bikes.

To follow along with the shoots and see some behind the scenes check out my Instagram: