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Bray Head Mountain Biking Shoot

As a photographer you become familiar with the stupidly early time of summer sunrise. As painful as it is to get out of bed, it is always worth being up. Almost invariably you will have the place to yourself. This solemnity though, can prove difficult if you are looking for subjects to shoot. Being a keen mountain biker, but completely devoid of any skill, I need subjects to volunteer so I can make someone look awesome. No amount of Photoshop could make my riding skills look even passable.

I was delighted then when I met another mountain biker by the name of Iosac Coleman who, due to his own love of photography, understands the advantages of shooting at sunrise. Not only this but he also had a willing companion, John Belling to share the bleary eyed ride with. Iosac had the idea of shooting up at Bray Head for a while. It was something I had never seen shots of before, so I was more than happy to give it a whirl.

We met at 4.40 at the base of Bray Head and hiked up in the dark to get the best of the light as the sun came above the horizon.

Here are some of the images from that shoot.

mountain biker walking towards sunrise, colm keating,
John Belling hiking a bike for sunrise

mountain biker on bray head, wicklow, colm keating,
John taking in the views.

mountain biker rides down cliff at sunrise, bray head, colm keating, john belling,
John rolling down Bray Head

mountain bikers push up cliff, colm keating, bray head,
Pushing back to the top

john belling, colm keating, mountain biker on cliff at sunrise,
John taking in yet more views

colm keating, mountain biker rides down cliff overlooking sea, bray head, mtb,
Iosac's turn to ride the cliiff.

mountain biker pushing bike up cliff on bray head, colm keating, iosac coleman,
Don't look down

colm keating, mountain biker looking out to sea, bray head, ireland, iosac coleman,
Where to next?

colm keating mountain bikers ride down cliff with sea in background, iosac coleman, john belling,
The spin home

Hopefully this will be the first of a few shoots with the lads. Thanks for getting up! Maybe not so early next time?

Link to the full gallery of images HERE.

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