Project 3%

Project 3%

Shot in collaboration with Alexi Liotti

Current status of project: in post production. 

B.C. is home to some of the most unique forests in the world. With a huge wilderness area, over 64% of which is forest, One would think there is plenty of wood to go around. However only 3% of the original productive Old Growth Forest remains in B.C. In this film we highlight the importance of saving the last of these vital ecosystems, home to some of the most diverse populations of flora, fauna and wildlife. Replacing the old growth with new fast growing trees has a huge net release of carbon. The rich under-stories of these forest never have a chance to regrow. We may lose many species forever. 

Native ecosystems like ancient rainforest are foundational to Canada’s most important institutions - politics, industry, education and culture; and central to notions such as truth and reconciliation, and a green recovery. By continuing to liquidate ancient forest in BC, we compromise the very foundations upon which our society and life is built.

Vancouver, Canada

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