Rematriation -  A Documentary Film

Shot in collaboration with Alexi Liotti

Current status of project: in post production. 

B.C.’s Old Growth Forests are virgin forests, untouched since the last
ice age. Representing one of the last lines of defense against climate
change. Less than 3% remains. The film follows British Columbians
on an exploration ofcommunity, colonialism, and the realization of
our own fragility, reflected in our exploitation of these irreplaceable

Our project ethos is that the root of action is honest conversations. Utilizing conversational interviews walking through old growth forests we hear from indigenous leaders, climate activists, biologists and foresters looking to change the face of the logging industry in BC.

This variety of perspectives, juxtaposed with visuals of BC’s vast landscapes, create the various symbols, narratives and visual elements we weave together to form our story.