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Duration: 20 Mins

Location: Sunshine Coast Trail

In FKT’d, we follow an attempt at the first unsupported run of the Sunshine Coast Trail in western British Columbia: 180 kilometers of trail, 8000 meters of elevation gain, all in little more than 30 hours. The rules of an ‘unsupported’ run? No friends, no aid stations… You’re totally alone and carry everything you need from start to finish.

We explore the scale of this challenge, uncovering the realities of attempting such a project solo. As Oskar battles a series of physical and mental challenges, we consider the motivations that push him to endure so much suffering. The question surrounds the sport of ultra running: “why would someone put themselves through something so hard, again and again?” Despite the personal challenge that the run represents, we come to find universal meaning as we learn more about the unique trail that he is running…

The Sunshine Coast Trail follows almost 200 kilometers of actively maintained trail through a diverse coastal and sub-alpine landscape, complete with dedicated huts. The trail is the brainchild of the Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society (known as PRPAWS), a non-profit charity that works to secure protected wilderness areas. Behind PRPAWS is an eccentric group of retired locals who have spent the last 30 years building and maintaining the trail, driven by their passion for conservation and community improvement. The result of their obsession is a world class point-to-point trail, the longest hut-to-hut trail in Canada.

As we explore the similarities between Oskar and PRPAWS’ obsessions with the Sunshine Coast Trail, we come to understand the shared motivations that connect their stories. We learn the important personal benefit that comes from time spent in nature and find inspiration in their goals.

Coming Early 2023

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